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Stack Hay now grows several hundred acres of alfalfa and alfalfa/orchard grass hay utilizing 2 big square balers to ensure that we are making quality hay in a timely manner.  We sell our products all over the United States, filling the needs of several different customer groups:  horses, sheep, beef cows, dairy and exotic animals.

Several years ago we had the opportunity to purchase a Steffen Bale Conversion System that allows us to take our big square bales and cut them down into different sizes and weights to fit your specifications.  We are now able to “make hay” year round in our building that is dedicated to housing and operating this incredible machine.

About Us

What We Do

In addition to offering all cuttings, qualities, and sizes of hay bales, we can also source your straw needs and run those bales through the Steffen machine to cut them down to the size you prefer.

Finally, we also sell different types of pine shavings to fit any livestock bedding need you may have.

Whether you need hay, straw, or pine shavings, or just want to sell some of your own product, please give us a call so we can quote you a price. We pride ourselves on being family-owned, and when you call you will talk directly to Steve and our products will be shipped in our own trucks. We look forward to hearing how we can help you!

It was very gratifying to be able to work face-to-face with our end users and actually have flexibility in our marketing, as opposed to traditional row crop producers.  We have continued to build those relationships through the years, while expanding, updating, and diversifying along the way.

Our Products

Our Goal

Because of our rich history as a family farm, we wouldn’t sell anything that we wouldn’t use ourselves. Our horses love our forage and yours will too. If you have any questions about these products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Regardless of age, nutritional needs, or day job, we have the right blend of bagged hay for your horse. Choose a maintenance blend, high-energy blend, or a wellness-focused blend that provides nutrition for laminitis, obesity, insulin resistance, COPD, and other health issues. Every bag of chopped forage for horses provides the natural, superior nutrition for every muscle, bone, coat, and hoof.

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Our Mission

To be a dynamic and competitive agricultural commodity company delivering real added value in terms of time and cost savings. Our mission places into perspective our objectives when we handle every client, which forms the operational philosophy that we strive to abide by.

Our Vision

To be a world-class hay supplier of choice. Our vision clearly indicates our focus in providing quality products and doing so in cost effective and time efficient manner using devoted and committed staff so as our clients always come back as well as recommend our services to others.

Our Patronage

Our customer orientation and service culture leads to enduring bonds with clients. We have won many accolades by providing premium quality products to our clients all across the globe. The trust and support of our clients has encouraged us to elevate our standard of quality.


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