Coastal, Bermuda and Timothy Hay


Alfalfa Hay is a legume superior in protein to other forage crops because it is high in crude protein and energy reducing the need for other protein supplements. In combination Timothy and Alfalfa make a popular performance horse feed giving the perfect amount of balanced fiber and protein so that the digestive tract will function normally. Generally our ratio of Timothy to Alfalfa is 70-30% with protein levels of 10–14%.

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Alfalfa hay for animal feed for sale

product name Alfalfa hay pellets or granules for animal feed
Fat 0
Humidity 8.37
calcium 1.24
MOQ 20ton
Packing 40kg/50kg bag, 1000KG


Alfalfa Hay For Sale High quality Alfalfa bales

Weight: 750 & 800 KG – 400KG (on inquiry)
Lengths: 2.20 – 2.30 meters
Width: 1 – 1.1 meters
Height: 80 meters
Protein:  Min 17% – Min 18 %
Chop size ( Long Fiber) – 10 cm
Chop Size (Short Fiber) 4-6 cm
Moisture – Max 12%

Alfafa pellets
Packaging: Bulk/big bag
Moisture: Max 11%
Proten: Min 15% – Min 16% (d.m.b.)
Length : 3-6 cm
Diameter: 6-9 mm

Dehydrated Alfalfa cubes
Packaging: Bulk/big bag
Moisture: Max 12%
Proten: Min 15% – Min 16%- Min 17% (d.m.b.)
Side width: 3 cm
Lenght: 5-10 mm

If “two ears up” was an official rating, our alfalfa hay would have it! This legume hay is the ultimate indulgence for pets: high in protein, fat and calcium. Primarily enjoyed by young, pregnant and nursing rabbits, guinea pigs and other small pets, it serves up a generous blend of calories and nutrients they need to grow.

Each crop is grown in the Pacific Northwest, using only premium alfalfa to produce the highest quality forage. From farm to feeder, you won’t find it fresher than Andy’s – the crème of the crop among small pets everywhere.

Andy health tip: sorry, adult rabbits and guinea pigs – although we agree that our alfalfa hay is snacktastic, our Timothy hay is a better everyday option for you! Too much calcium can lead to urinary stones in most fully grown small animals. Of course, on days when your pet has earned an extra reward, Andy alfalfa can be given in small quantities. Try mixing in a bit with some Timothy hay for a special occasion treat!

Key Benefits

  • All natural, sun-cured alfalfa hay is grown & packaged in the USA
  • Premium, hand-selected bales from our farms contain little chaff and dust
  • Ideal feed for young animals (under 6 months), pregnant or nursing small animals
  • Our hay is compressed into a smaller reclosable box for easy storage & less mess
  • Made without additives or preservatives
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