Timothy Hay


Timothy Hay is grass hay and has a high roughage content necessary for good digestion. The fine stem and consistent quality allows good consumption and provides basic protein levels of 7 – 10%

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Timothy Hay for sale

Timothy Hay for sale Welcome to hay that’s good from the ground up! Andy’s Timothy hay is the only USDA-certified organic Timothy Hay on the market for small pets – offering the very best farm-to-feed hay in every box. Each crop is grown in the Pacific Northwest, producing the highest quality organic forage. The result? High fiber grass hay with relatively low protein content, is well-suited for promoting a healthy digestive system. Especially when given unlimited access to our fresh hay, bunnies and other small pets will enjoy its full benefits, including a natural way to wear down their teeth and maintain a healthy digestive system.

Harvested at an early growth stage, our organic first-cutting Timothy hay is unparalleled in both freshness and taste. In it, you and your pet will find a coarser texture made up of thicker stems and abundant timothy seed heads. Due to its nutritional combination of high fiber, low protein, and low fat, it’s the top recommended choice for small pets who love to snack.

Our Andy-Pak™ feeder boxes are convenient and mess-free, simply open the box and place it in your animal’s feeding area or hang it from your pet’s cage with hooks (included). The hands-free setup makes it an ideal solution for people with hay allergies, too. As an added benefit, let your pet chew on the box to encourage natural chewing habits – it’s totally safe!

Key Benefits

  • USDA certified organic Timothy Hay for better animal health
  • Organic, sun-cured Timothy Hay is grown & packaged in the USA
  • Eco-friendly: organic farming is more sustainable & better for the environment
  • Premium, hand-selected bales from our farms for less chaff and dust
  • Andy-Pak™ feeder box encourages natural chewing habits
  • Mess-free solution for owners with hay allergies
  • Grown without additives or preservatives
  • Included: two hooks to hang your Andy-Pak™

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