Best hay blend!

I love their combination of Timothy hay and orchard hay blend!! My 8 Guinea pigs love their hay, just wish they had a 20 lb option so the box for the hat would make less of a mess.

Great Hay

I bought this for my always hungry Guinea pigs. They love it! They squeal when they hear me coming with it. Good value and quick delivery!


Eaton Pet and Pasture will always be a trusted and recommended brand for me! To start off, I love the box it comes in always very neatly packed and clean. My rabbits and pigs are very picky and neither one of them have ever had an issue with the taste, texture, or smell. Not only…

Good Hay

This timothy hay is good for our guinea pigs. It’s a nice blend of timothy hay and orchard grass. However, it has some dust at the bottom of the box.

My Guinea pigs can’t get enough

My Guinea pigs loved the freshness of this hay and when I shared some with a friend her bunny and even cat couldn’t get enough.

Bournemouth Tourism

Just to say a huge thank you to you and everyone who came down to help us with the hay bales and all you assistance in the planning. It was a great event and we couldn’t’ have done it without all the support from our contractors”. “We have already confirmed Wheels for 2015 so I…

Mrs R, Somerset

“Looking forward to getting some Hay from Stack Hay this winter – was exceptional value last year and am going to order early to make sure I don’t miss out”

Mrs J, Shropshire

We’ve used Stack Hay for 10 years now and can’t recommend them enough.

Mr P, Nuneaton

“I’d never used Stack Hay before so was a bit unsure as to how it would work but I was pleasantly surprised as to the outcome – I’ll definitely be using it in future”

Johson M,

Your delivery is always top-notch! Very fast and timely

George S,

Since we knew you, things have been smooth. The quality is just amazing.

Gregory T,

The best supplier I can refer anyone to. I have never regret getting you.

Jack D,

Since 1998 I have entrusted the supply of hay for the stables to Stack Hay. They make sure to provide the horses with the most suitable hay for their performance. The quality of the product, the CHC bale packaging format which facilitates distribution and regular management, make me confident in their services. I can thus…

Lucia G,

I am very satisfied with the hay supplied by Stack Hay. Supplies are regular, managed remotely and the entire team adapts to our needs.

Steve B,

Nutrition is one of the key factors in the well-being of our horses. Being domiciled in Kuwait it is essential to be able to count on a regular selection of quality hay, I found with the company Stack Hay a close collaboration for the management of my supplies.



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